What is the Summer Session of Ontopsychology?

The Summer Session of Ontopsychology is a yearly event offering courses and in-depth seminars dedicated to a specific theme for each edition. The theme of the present 31st edition (2019) concerns psychosomatics – the relation between the psyche and the body – and gets inspiration from the convention “The Neurophysiological Correlates of Psychic Activity” that was held at Geneva in 1997. The aim is to promote a multidisciplinary discussion on the subject, involving different areas of knowledge. 

Ontopsychology has an interest in understanding and explaining how this psychic planning happens: is it the unconscious of the subject himself who designs the disease, just like an architect whose hands are responsible for the design of a building? Does the building exist as an invisible project in his mind, even if it will only become visible to all later?  

The topic will be dealt with through presentations and debates with various experts at European and international level. Professionals will be involved, who will be able to present case studies, compare their experiences and promote research activities. Borgo Lizori, that hosts the event, will complete the cultural value of the Summer, as an example of valuable enhancement of the Italian and European architectural, cultural and artistic heritage. PROGRAMME HERE 

To apply for participating in the Summer, please use the online form available at www.summersession.ch. The form indicates the registration fees and the methods of payment, the benefits provided for members of the International Association of Ontopsychology and of the International Association of OntoArt Schools in good standing with membership fees and for young people under 26. Those who yearn for reserving a short study break and redefine their knowledge will certainly appreciate this valuable opportunity.


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Antonio Meneghetti
Antonio Meneghetti Antonio Meneghetti (1936-201...
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