2017 Edition

First Edition 2017

Promoting a film production that carries forth a humanistic culture: this is the aim of the “Cinema and Unconscious” Prize, announced along with the Summer Course, an international short movie competition awarding 1500,00 € for each winner of the two competition sections (young and adults, below and above 21 years of age).
The chosen theme for this first edition is “Live to be”, it will need to be developed through a “creative story that stimulates the positive development of self-accomplishment, in interaction with nature and society, within a life project”.

Youth section winner: foto3
“Fenice” di Rodolfo Gusmeroli – Arona (Novara) – LINK

Adult section winner: foto4
“Ti Lascio un Filo d’Erba” di Francesco Madonna – Castel Sant’Elia (VT) –  LINK

Adult’s section finalists:  foto2
“The Big Picture” di Gianluca Lasaracina – Roma
“Live to Be” di Amerigo Fusco – Marino (RM)
“Generi” di Francesco Filippi (supervisore del lavoro scolastico) – Bologna