The Summer Session on the Italian Office EU Parliament

The Summer Session of Ontopsychology is a yearly event that includes courses and in-depth seminars on a specific theme for each edition. The theme of the 30th edition (2018) concerns “pedagogy and politics” and how they relate to each other. The aim is to sensitize the world of education and culture through a once more multi-disciplinary confrontation, on the opportunity to bring pedagogy and politics back to a uniform, homogeneous action, as they share the same ethic tension toward universal values, to lead man to the creation of something authentically human, under the sign of a strong renewal tension that sustains both disciplines, guaranteeing democracy, common good, an active social and civil presence by the young. A general understanding of the topic will contribute to an enhanced responsibilisation of the citizens in participating to democratic life. The topic will be dealt with through presentations and debates with various experts at European and international level. In particular, the young will be involved, through activities of direct presentation and intercultural exchange.

The “Summer” aims at contributing to the European Year of Cultural Heritage by offering useful tools of scientific knowledge and of revitalization of humanistic culture, particularly the European one. In such sense, the prizes for adults and young of the “Live To Be” International Short Movie Competition will be awarded; the competition is an integral part of the “Summer”, and aims at promoting film as vehicle of humanistic culture and enriching contents. Borgo Lizori, that hosts the event, will complete the cultural value of the “Summer”, an example of valuable enhancement of the Italian and European architectural, artistic heritage.

"LIVE TO BE": International short movie competition

Promoting a film production conveying humanistic culture, activating dynamics and enriching contents: this is the aim of the competition announced in parallel with the “Summer”. Also in this second edition, the theme chosen is “Live to Be” (a creative story that stimulates the positive development of individual realization, in interaction with nature and society, within a life project). The prize is articulated in two sections: young people up to 21 years of age and adults over 21 years of age. 1,500 euros will be awarded to each of the winners of the two sections.